Monday, March 03, 2008

creative mothering?????

winter garden....longing for spring....yesterday it was 0 and today -20...How does that work?

i've had a recurring dream the last year or so.....i miss my cue to go on stage...that's basically it in a nut shell. Ironically this blog is titled "creative mommying", and yet as i scroll thru the labels of my posts - i do not see a whole lot of creative things. a frustration i have often face is my tendancy to be distracted - oh look i'm here, when i should probably be washing the kitchen other artist mommy friends have told me i should not fret over it, and just except....yet i want to push on a accomplish more it all...i can't do that w/out some order....thus i think the dream, is my struggle subconsciously, between order and the creative.
My unfinished projects - poor Joash is going to be to big for these wool soakers by the time they are finished...a scaflette


  1. You are making longies! I have been wanting to try my hand at these but am not quite gifted at knitting. Maybe you could share the pattern. By the way I love the name Selah and considered it for our newest daughter (we are musicians and I majored in Theology). Your Selah is a beautiful Fairy...

  2. If your soaker don't fit Joash....I have a use for them soon... ;) and no skill to make my own... so the pattern is useless on me!

  3. Patricia - unfortunately i'm not talented enough to follow patterns - just sort of trial and error, using 4 needles, making a tube in then 2 tubes for the legs - i still have to figure out how i'm going to enclose it between the legs.

  4. Tami - it's a very good posibility that your newest one will get more use out of them then Joash

  5. Very cute longies! (i found you via one of your posts on the TF forum..). Just yesterday I felt a pang of longing when i passed my sewing table where I have a pair of almost completed (adorable) shorties for my daughter that I would bet are probably too small already...i think you've inspired me to eek out the time to finish them. ;)